This series features an exploration of confined spaces, contrasting architectural with natural elements. I look at the idea of how humans help and support each other through hard times.  This was begun pre-Covid, and came to be very pertinent to our pandemic reality, being confined to interior spaces, wondering how to reach out and connect with each other and the outside world. Another aspect of this series examines the ways that humans and nature intersect, and how interior spaces of dramatic and abandoned buildings can represent a grand assembly to house us, yet how we can entrap ourselves and our desires in them, and how we long to be free, to be liberated from structures of our own construction. Psychologically, we build extravagant structures around ourselves to protect ourselves, to express ourselves, to become ourselves, but ultimately they can become traps, and we need help to free ourselves from them. Help from other people, help from animal guides. This series also serves as a vehicle to look at colonized spaces critically, and other aspects of history and current events.

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