This weekend is the Smithers Midsummer Music Festival, a wonderful fest that we love going to.  This year, I’ll be participating as a visual artist in a session called “Synesthesia”.  Here’s the blurb about it from Midsummer:

When two mediums of creativity meet, intertwine, and grow together in improvised and mutual ways, the resulting aesthetic experience can be as exhilarating as it is unpredictable. This year, in the 4H on Sunday, there will be an improvised mixing of music and visual art for art lovers to revel in. There is a rich culture of experimentation in music and a plethora of talented visual artists in the Bulkley Valley and to celebrate this and display the possibilities of integrating different art forms, Midsummer is pleased to present “Synesthesia.” Visual artists will join the electronic bands 1000cuts, Moth Mouth, Blocktreat, and Harmful Ray to engage in this experiment of sight and sound. The audience can construct their own narrative as ephemeral moments of creativity ebb and flow, or simply allow the moment wash over them; regardless it is bound to be a provocative and exciting event full of movement, conversation and subtlety. Synesthesia runs between noon and three on Sunday in the 4H.

Those who follow me, know that I’ve done a number of live painting projects in a variety of contexts.  I love to see what will come out of all the artists and musicians.  I’m looking forward to it, and will post pics afterwards!