We are just finishing up the exhibition of the Valley Youth Show at the Smithers Art Gallery, which I coordinate and install, and features primarily my students’ artwork, though we also invite other youth artists from around the Bulkley Valley to participate.  I am always so proud to see all the range of the artwork compiled in one show, and it always impresses the local population to see what the youth are up to.  We get such positive comments from the community about it.  I’ve heard from the gallery that some comments also come in about how impressed visitors are with the diversity and quality of the artwork, and that “they must have a good teacher.” So, that obviously reflects well on how I try to run my art program at Smithers Secondary School.  Students are also very pleased to see their work presented in a professional context.  And there have even been a number of sales! So students get to see that someone is willing to buy their artwork, which is often surprising to them, but what a confidence-booster!

The Interior News featured this article on the exhibition.

Another year of teaching, coming to an end.