Here is the exhibition poster for my solo show at the Smithers Art Gallery, open to the public tomorrow.  Grand opening reception is this Friday. I spent many hours installing it yesterday, with great help from a couple of folks. I’m happy with how it looks all together, showcasing 6 different series I’ve been working on for the past 6 years. I’ll post photos of the show when I’m done a few more tweakings to things.  Here’s the gallery intro:

“Many Lives” showcases selections of artwork from the various series and artistic explorations that Perry Rath has pursued over the past six years since his last show in Smithers Art Gallery. The themes and content vary – so much so, in fact, that it could almost be mistaken for a group show of work by different artists – and include abstracted landscape map paintings, sculptures and watercolour sketches investigating human’s relationship to Nature, portraits of LGBTQ+ youth, portraits of young Indigenous cultural activists, and illustrations for a literary project centred on a Vole character. Each series has its own separate artist statement which will be posted alongside the artworks.”

And here’s a photo that I love from my last solo show opening at the SAG 6 years ago, when Ari was 5.  Here he is sipping his punch and taking in the art — well-versed with what you do at openings!