Well, for the past few months, I have been consumed with the epic task of moving my family from one property to another, and therefore, also my studio. We were at our former property for 15 years, and it was an amazing piece of land in the mountains, shared with other great people.  But it was time for a bigger house, closer to town, but still with some space and land around us, and so we found a perfect place for the next phase of our life.  There was much art created at our old place, and subsequently much art and materials stored in various locations on the property.  I of course had to gather it all, consider it, pack it or discard it, and move it to the new place.  My new studio is not set up yet, and will take awhile to get a sense of how it will look.  It is a detached garage/workshop that will now house my creative studio.  Here’s how it looked with all my stuff in there.  Things are starting to move around a bit, as I sort and shuffle.  I will share photos once I am a little more settled in. Of course, life goes on with a family, and we continue to go about doing our range of activities, which included a road trip this summer for a family wedding, so we saw some amazing places.

The move from the Babine Lake Rd property to the Viewmount one, allowed for one particularly meaningful transition.  My sculpture Field Gaze was created on our old property and occupied various places out there.  When we moved, it began to occupy our new property, in a few locations.  It was visited by foxes, when we heard the eerie screechy howlyelps at night … fearless deer and crows have also graced their presence.  Even some mysterious mushrooms appeared underneath it at one location.  It felt like a good way to become acquainted with a new home, and be welcomed.