I recently spent some time packing up two artworks for an upcoming group show entitled FENCES at the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George.  They are from my series looking at how First Nations are responding to the history of colonialism on their land, and my perspective as a white settler myself, in helping to raise awareness and be an active participant in breaking down these barriers and layers of cultural oppression.  I will write more about this theme, and the overall description of the show later.

But for now, I will just share a basic image of the artwork and tell you about how EPIC a task it is to build a suitable crate to ship artwork off.  Especially oversize artwork.  My pieces are 58″ x 70″.  They have awkward edges to handle, with all the varied-length fence tops. And making sure they are more-than-adequately protected means lot’s of extra padding .. wrapping with vapour barrier, several layers of bubble-wrap, 2″ blue foam insulation, and finally snugly fit within a wooden crate with protective exoskeleton braces.  Let’s just say that I worked many hours on this aspect of being an exhibiting artist.  Driving it there would have been easier.  I didn’t get a chance to take more photos of the stages, and even of the final crate, and the truck coming to pick it up.  But anyway, in the end, I was pleased to be able to produce a safe shell to send my creations off in.